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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sharing - Enjoy!

Time's Best Friend releases next week!

You can get it now on preorder. Even better, my publisher Mythical Press is offering a special preorder sale price of $2.99. Order now, and get it delivered to your e-reading device when it releases on September 21. Or, keep reading to see how you can get it for free, now!

But first, a little bit about Time's Best Friend 

A Chance She Can’t Miss
In 1939, time-traveling, Appalachian farm woman Florie LeBeau fell in love with an 18th-century frontiersman, and vowed to cross time to be with him again. Then war broke out, forcing her to wait four years to travel back two hundred. But when she arrives in 1756, she finds her frontiersman doesn’t know her, Nazi soldiers occupy her historic home, and her only friend a mysterious dog who just might be their spy.
A Tale He Can’t Believe
Ousted from his home by strange Hessian soldiers, fur trapper Zeke Allen can’t believe his luck when his new hunting dog brings him a woman. Knowledgeable in the ways of pioneer life, the lovely Miss LeBeau could make the perfect wife, if not for her crazy tales of time travel, a club called the Saturn Society, and an impossible war in the twentieth century she insists she comes from—and to which she must return.
A Predicament They Can’t Escape
Slowly, Zeke begins to believe Florie’s crazy stories as his fondness grows into a love she returns. But the men she calls Nazis tear her away from him, plunging her into a future where she must deliver information that could change the outcome of the war. Finding her way back to Zeke proves difficult. Harder still: convincing others of the truth–and saving her canine rescuer and herself from the Saturn Society, the very people she thought would protect her.
Readers who enjoy the Saturn Society won’t want to miss this standalone addition, while those new to the series will find this introduction an unusual time travel story rich in action, romance, and history.

OK, I'm back. If you enjoyed Time's Fugitive, and wondered how Florie became Mrs. Allen, this is her story. If you haven't read Time's Fugitive (or any of my books), no worries! This story stands on its own, and makes a perfect introduction to the Saturn Society.

Like I mentioned above, you can preorder the ebook this week and get it for $2.99. (Click HERE to preorder from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, or Google Play Books). After the release date, it goes up to its regular price of $4.99 USD. Or, if you're willing to write an honest review on or soon after the release date, just email me at jen@jenpowell.com and let me know which format you'd like - Kindle, epub, or PDF - and I'll send you one! I'll also send out a reminder to review when the book officially releases.
Prefer print? The paperback will be out next month, and on Amazon, will include a free download of the ebook.

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